Black Pearl Ensemble featuring DJ Leanski and Lady Patrice - Live at Nextdoor

 — (HST, UTC-10) — (HST, UTC-10)

Next Door, 43 N Hotel St, Honolulu, HI 96817

We'd like to introduce Black Pearl Ensemble, a member of our Unicorn Productions 808 roster of musicians. Black Pearl Ensemble is all about mixing Neo soul, 70's funk, jazz, and sexy psychedelia. Black Pearl Ensemble came together during a few of Black Pearl Studio's recording sessions and started creating their brand of neo soul, where each member adds their own style. With the addition of DJ Leanski and Lady Patrice, this group is worth experiencing. Come experience the sexy, luxurious sounds of Black Pearl Ensesmble.

$10.00 cover through Eventbrite Age 21 and over.