Thomas Mackay - Vibraphonist, Keyboardist


We promote a diverse lineup of ensembles that are crafted to meet your needs.... !!!!!!!!   


  Vibra  Cubana:  Think Cal Tjader   Latin jazz ,, but with a hint of of world music   This group is also a quintet with  drums, percussionist, bass, piano, and vibes and can also be a smaller ensemble of Vibes Bass drums

Intoxika:  electronic/acoustic percussion Trio  ( ambient soundscapes and exotic rhythms)  Exotica of the NEW AGE  

The Mackay Project:  Aka T.M.P.  traditional jazz to post bop and beyond .. varies from Trio to Quintet

 Mr. Mackay is also available to play Solo , Duo ( bass, vibes) and Trio ( bass, vibes, drums)