T.M.P.  who and what is this new project?


This project is in a trio setting with Bassist Christian Gonzalez and drummer Cristian Pangibaum.  the music is highly improvisation and jam based.  styles and beat drive the trio into the Electronica world as mr. mackay makes use of a variety of mallet instruments and effect pedals to creative a tapestry of sounds and emotions .. Bassist Gonzalez is the master of deep grooves from reggae to pumping synth bass keys ... and drummer Cristian lays down the beats from jungle to industrial  trip hop .. reggae and many others .. this trio is a psychedelic trio that takes you a sonic journey and will have the audience in dancing mode the entire show .. 

  a psychedelic light show accompanies the trio and give the  audience a visual experience .... 

( Check out the audio sample " What's Next" under the LISTEN IN icon)

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