The Mackay Project - Debut CD on Hammondbeat Records 2013

Mr. Mackay's debut recording as a leader, featuring all original compositions.  Released fall of 2013

The Thomas Mackay Quintet " Here's that rainy day" - CD recording

Mr. Mackays 2nd release on Hammondbeat records.  This recording is a collection of standards and features Bud Berlingeri, Tenor sax player with Louie Prima from 1949 to 1952... 

J'ourvet - Carribbean Jazz


(J’ourvet means “street party”)

J’ourvet is the collaborative effort of steel pan artist Tom Berich and vibraphonist Thomas Mackay.  Throughout this recording, these musicians pay homage to their love of Caribbean music.  Recorded in 2014 at SRC Hartkop Studios, the duo was complemented by bassist Mike Pugh and drummer Scott Mangicaro.  The music is influenced by such musicians as Andy Narell, Dave Samuels, and Mike Mainieri.  This recording breathes new life into Narell’s “Izo’s Mood” and “Chakalaka”.  The rendition of “Buzz” originally composed by Mike Mainieri, will get you up and dancing!  Vibraphonist Thomas Mackay adds two original compositions to this collection.  “Reflections” is a groovy, hip, slow R and B tune with a reggae section and an interestingly developed section that spotlights a unique interplay between the bass and drums.  “Dem Feel Good” a composition in the reggae style with a very unique arrangement, gives a nod to the Studio One recordings of vibraphonist Lennie Hibbert.  J’ourvet, at its core, brings exactly to this recording what the word J’ourvet means, Street Party.  From the beginning samba drum intro to the last reggae tune, the listener will be transported to their own secluded island with a street party happening just beyond the palm trees


  • Sep 20
    Anna o briens aka Anna bananas,  Honolulu
  • Sep 30
    Honolulu Healing Arts festival,  Honolulue

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